👋 Welcome

Welcome to Huntr Advisor! This guide will show you how to use your new organizational account to help your job seekers stay organized and help you and your team gather the data you need to understand job search performance and improve outcomes.

We’ll cover everything from initial account setup, to job seeker onboarding best practices and even show you useful articles for different stakeholders in your team.

What is Huntr Advisor?

Huntr Advisor provides a powerful job tracking tool and CRM for your job seekers and a career advising and outcomes tracking platform for your organization.

While your job seekers save opportunities and log their job search activities, as advisors you get to follow along with your job seekers progress and gather job search data at an individual and aggregate level.

🧱 The building blocks

It's important to understand the core objects that make up Huntr's system. Here's a list of the key elements that make up our product:

Job Seekers






Activity Categories



Job Posts


Daily Email Digests

🚀 Ensuring a successful launch

Best practices for onboarding job seekers onto the Huntr platform:

Ensuring a successful launch

Sample Onboarding Deck

⚙️ Initial account setup

Review the links below when you've first signed up for Huntr Advisor. These articles will help you setup your basic account settings before inviting your first batch of job seekers:

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