As your organization grows into the Huntr Advisor platform, you may find the need to limit certain actions to only a set of members of your team. Maybe one team member only needs access to API related features, while another requires full feature permissions. We developed Permission Groups to help you deal with this situation.

We've designed our permissioning system using two concepts: Permissions and Permission Groups. A Permission maps to an action a team member can accomplish within the advisor portal. Each permission group contains a set of permissions. Each team-member will be assigned a permission group by your account's administrator. The assigned permission group defines what the user can and cannot do.

Permissions & Permission Groups

We've designed the following permission groups, each with a separate set of permissions, based on typical use cases from our customers:

🔓 Administrator: This person has all permissions.

👨‍🏫 Coach: Can invite members, update member information, create job posts and update them too.

🧑‍💻 Developer: Has access to API and webhook related permissions.

📊 Data Analyst: Only has access to CSV download permission.

Review the table below to see what Permissions each Permission Group gets.

Permissions & Groups

How does Huntr enforce permissions?

All of our permissions are protected at the API level. This means that if one of your team members attempts to do something they don't have permission to do, they will see an error message. You can see an example in the video below:

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