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Our most successful organizations use Huntr as a tool to keep job seekers motivated and accountable for their job search activities. Part of this accountability includes designing and tracking certain activity goals that job seekers are expected to meet on a weekly or monthly basis.

Our new goals feature makes it easy to design recurring or one time goals you want your job seekers to accomplish. It then simplifies the process of enrolling job seekers into these goals, tracking goal attainment on a weekly or monthly basis and viewing goal progress at a high level.

Sample Goals

Below are a few goals we’ve seen some of our customers track. In the next few sections, we’ll teach you how to create goals like these for your own organization:

Recurring Goals

📥 10 applications per week

📣 2 interviews per month

🤝 1 networking event per week

One time goals

👨‍🏫 Meet your coach

🏆 Get placed within 4 months

🎙️ Complete a mock interview within 1 month

Recurring vs One Time goals

One of the first decisions you need to make when designing a goal is if it will be a recurring or one-time goal.

A recurring goal is one which you expect your job seeker to complete on a weekly or monthly basis for a specified number of weeks/months. These would be things like: Apply to 10 jobs per week or Attend 2 networking events per month. Take the 10 applications per week example; at the beginning of each week, a new goal period will start for your job seekers, for which they will have to apply to 10 new jobs to meet their goal. Huntr will keep track of current and past performance for all periods for which each job seeker was enrolled in.

A one-time goal on the other hand defines a goal that only has one single period. An example would be: Get placed within 4 months. For this example all the job seeker needs to do is log one single Accept Offer activity to complete this goal, unlike a recurring goal, this one only has a single 4 month period. Another example would be: Save your first 10 jobs in Huntr within 1 week of signing up. Again, this goal only has one single 1 week long period in which the job seekers needs to save 10 jobs.

Goal Entity Types

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