Our employer portal features allows you to provide your employer partners with a white labeled self serve portal where they can browse candidate profiles and post jobs directly to your Job Portal. It all starts with an invite sent to your partners. You can decide what permissions to give each partner, from browsing candidate profiles to posting jobs, you have full control over who can do what.

Any opportunities posted by the employer partner will be visible by your job seekers through your portal. Employer partners can also see all the job seekers who have saved and applied to an opportunity they posted.

Inviting Employers

To invite your employer partners navigate to the Employers view. Then click on Invite Employer and fill out the invitation form. Enter the email for your recruitment contact at that employer. It’s important to note that the email address for the person matches the domain of the employer. So, for example, if the company domain is facebook.com, you need to provide an email of the format name@facebook.com.

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Screen Shot 2022-05-27 at 7.07.50 PM.png

The contact will receive a white labeled email notifying them of your invitation with instructions on starting an account under your portal. The email will redirect the employer to a white labeled signup form. Only employers with an outstanding invitation can sign up through the form.

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Employer Permissions

After the employer has signed up through your portal, you will be able to toggle specific permissions on and off. To do this, navigate to Employers > Registered > Click on the Employer. You will be taken to this Employer’s profile where you will find a Partnership Settings section.

Can Browse Candidates: If this is toggled off, the employer will not be able to search through your candidates in the portal.

Can Post Jobs: If toggled off, the employer will not be able to post job opportunities from the portal.

You can toggle these on/off at any time.

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