Organize and filter your job seekers by location, program, cohort and more through custom fields

If you've been using Huntr for more than a few months with a few groups of students, you'll find that your dashboard and list of job seekers might be getting too large and hard to parse through. When you have multiple cohorts/groups graduating in different locations or through different programs, each managed by different advisors it helps to filter metrics and job seekers by other fields. This is why we've created Custom fields.

What are custom fields

Custom fields allow you to describe a job seeker with a new field, some examples for these could be:

These are just some examples of how you might use custom fields; you can create any field you'd like. We support Multiple Choice, Text, Number and Date typed fields.

In this article we'll be creating a City field, so we can filter our job seekers by the campus they've graduated in.

Adding Custom Fields

Here's a quick screenshot of the form:

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