Once your job seekers have setup their candidate profiles, you’ll be able to search and browse through those profiles with powerful filters and full text search. all of the features below are accessible by navigating to Candidate Profiles > Search tab.


Using Filters

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You can apply multiple filters to zero in on the right candidates. We offer filters for all candidate profile fields.

Keyword Search

On top of filters, you can also do a full text keyword search which will search through all of the candidate fields and show you the highlighted results. Our full text keyword search not only searches through fields, but also through resume and other documents that the job seeker has linked to their candidate profile.

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Sharing Candidates via CSV or PDF Resume Book

Once you’ve found a set of candidates you like you can export them via CSV or a PDF Resume book. You can even enter a list of Employer Partner emails and we’ll send the a resume book with your selected candidates, all without having to leave Huntr!

Export via CSV or Resume Book

Export via CSV or Resume Book

Export or send branded PDF resume books in seconds

Export or send branded PDF resume books in seconds

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