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We're excited to embark in this job search journey with you and hope that our tool can be a guide through these exciting yet challenging times. Whether you're just starting your search, in the middle of it, or working with an advisor within an organization, this guide will show you how to maximize Huntr's powerful job tracking and organizational features.


❓ What is Huntr?

Huntr is a tool that helps you track and organize your job search. Job opportunities are scattered all over the place (Indeed, LinkedIn, email, personal meetings, etc), making it hard to remember where we've applied and where we stand with each opportunity. Huntr offers one place to keep all of those jobs and all the information related to them.

A Huntr board represents a specific job search effort during your career. Right now you should only need one board. If you're searching for a new job in a few years' time you'll want to create a new board. A board is made up of opportunities inside a stage, from Wishlist or Applied all the way to the Offer stage.

Review the Guides and Apps & Tools sections on the right to learn more about how to use Huntr.


Saving opportunities

Moving jobs across stages

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Managing Contacts

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Tracking performance

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Discovering Jobs

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